From Commissioner Morman

The song that I vividly remember singing in elementary school are, “This Land is Your Land ” You may recall that it begins, “This land is your land, this land is my land…” and ends the verse with, “This land was made for you and me.”

As your Precinct 2 Commissioner, this song has new significance to me. The songwriter speaks of “gulf stream waters” and “ribbons of highways” both of which we are abundantly blessed with here in Precinct 2.

Our “ribbons of highways” include over 1300 miles of county roadways that stretch from highway 3 in the Bay area all the way past Lake Houston to the northern border of Harris County and then parts as far west the Hardy Toll Road.

The Ship Channel and other waterways and their associated infrastructure are both impressive and hugely beneficial to our local economy. The Lynchburg Ferry and the Washburn Tunnel are operated by Precinct 2 and offer transportation over and under the Houston Ship Channel. The Washburn Tunnel is an engineering marvel and is unique in many ways—it is the only under water vehicle tunnel in Texas and is operated 24 hours per day.

Our Precinct 2 infrastructure is important to me and I know how important it is to our safety and prosperity that these are maintained. Looking back, it is easy to see how important our infrastructure assets are to Precinct 2. But, we must also always remember that we have the assets of today because of the vision some had in bygone days and that the future of our community will be forged on the forward thinking that we do today. We must maintain what we have today—our roads, drainage, bridges and tunnels— but also to look forward to the infrastructure that will be necessary to sustain the future, especially in the event of catastrophic events that could occur. I am committed to and work daily for both.

Today, we also provide services to benefit our seniors, so that they remain active, vital and engaged in our local community. They have much knowledge and wisdom, which must not be undervalued. We also plan for the future by providing services to our youth with after school and summer programs that plant the seeds of community involvement in their young minds. I believe that the more we invest in our human resources, both young and old, the more they will contribute to the health and vitality of Precinct 2 in ways that are immeasurable. If our roads and bridges are the veins and arteries of Precinct 2, then its citizens are surely its lifeblood.

Pct. 2 is my lifelong home.
I grew up here and plan to grow old here.
It is my past and my future.
As such, I am committed to its future, no matter what we face.

When I took office in 2011, I knew that there would be challenges, but I didn’t take this job to shrink from challenges—I took this job to accept the challenges for the community that is my home.

This land is my land, this land is your land.

In November I’m asking for your support and your vote to re-elect me for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2, so that together, we can conquer all the challenges we face now and in the future.